At la FRANC we believe your apparel should work for you, including; and especially, your work, formal and dresswear.  We have specifically designed our accessories for comfort and performace.  You will not be disappointed.

Performance Fashion

Performance fashion is formal clothing designed to be both visually appealing and functional.

Performance is demanded from athletic apparel, so why for so many people does that stop when it comes to fashion?  We believe it does not have to.  

Have you ever bought expensive socks that look good, but do not last more than a few weeks?  Or perhaps you bought a stylish sweater only to ruin it after accidentally throwing it in the dryer.  Fashionable clothing does not have to be so difficult and uncomfortable.  At la FRANC we believe you should have the best, highest performing apparel for all aspects of your life.  Dressing with style does not mean you have to compromise comfort and fit.

37.5 Technology

37.5 Technology uses microporous particles to trap moisture vapor and dissipate it away from the wearers skin.  It is a truly unique technology that sits above traditional moisture management techniques.  By using particles that are permanently embedded in yarn and which drastically increase the surface area of the material they are embedded in, 37.5 technology is capable of moving and dissipating vapor more quickly than ever, keeping you cool under pressure.  And the technology does not stop there!  Those same particles also trap your energy to keep you warm so you always stay in an optimal temperature range.  For supreme confidence in the boardroom, during that best man speech or pitching your next venture, rotate la FRANC socks into your wardrobe.

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